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Start a Home Health Care Business.

Home health care is a wide range of health care services that can be given in your home for an illness or injury. Home health care is usually less expensive, more convenient, and just as effective as care you get in a hospital or skilled nursing facility.

Start a Smart Clothing Business

A smart casual dress code includes a variety of options for men and women. Smart casual dress is a step up from business casual, but not as dressy as formal work attire.

Start a Mobile Food Truck Business

A food truck is like restaurant on wheels. It has several distinct advantages over a traditional eat-in restaurant. A food truck can go to where the customers are. It has pretty low overhead, compared to a restaurant, and requires far less staff.

Start an Ice Cream Parlour Business

Ice cream is a popular commodity, and one with a significant mark-up. If you’re looking to start an ice cream business, there are a number of different avenues to take, such as going mobile with a van, or opening a fixed location at a beach or on the high-street. Having a solid business plan is essential as ice cream businesses can be heavily affected by seasonal demand.

Start an Image Consultant Business

An Image Consultant is a professional who works with clients as a counselor or coach to evaluate, improve, enhance, update and upgrade their self-presentation — the way in which they present themselves in personal, social and professional situations.

Start a Business of Making Copra Cake

Copra is the dried meat, or kernel, of the coconut. Making copra — removing the shell, breaking up, drying — usually is done where the palms grow. Today, large plantations with integrated operations have appeared, but in former years copra was collected by traders going from island to island and port to port in the Pacific Ocean.

Start a Room Air Purifiers Manufacturing Unit.

Indoor air quality has become a major concern. This is due, not only to medical concerns for those vulnerable to allergens, but also because the general population has become more aware of indoor pollutants.

Start a Community Radio Station

Community radio is a type of radio service that caters to the interests of a certain area, broadcasting material that is popular to a local audience but is overlooked by more powerful broadcast groups.